Step 2. Ask customers to 'check-in' to the business on Facebook. This will help to boost the businesses Facebook presence as the action of checking-in automatically shares a post with that customers' followers. The business name and link to its Facebook page will show up in that post. More positive actions on social media lead to greater potential for reviews.
Get reviews Buzz is your safest bet if you want to improve the image of your brand. Positive reviews can be hard to gather. You cannot tell each customer to leave a review. Even if you are doing that, there is no guarantee they will do the same. That’s why businesses usually struggle to build a strong reputation online. If your business is suffering the same problem, then buy reviews online from us and overcome this problem.

The importance of responding to customers online could not be more important, as reviews are often the first point of contact a potential customer has with a business. Aside from the fact that reviews from customers help other customers decide whether they should visit a business or not, business reviews are now more prevalent on search results pages.

We may think of Amazon as a virtual library, but Amazon is for much more than book reviews. For companies who do any amount of e-commerce, Amazon is a key source of information. While Amazon as a business review website is more targeted and fitting for Amazon marketplace partners, it is a worthy site to note, especially for retailers about what customers like about certain products and how the service aspect of transactions were handled. 
As the BBB is a widely trusted organization, a rating on its website could greatly impact a small business. The accreditation process guarantees that a business makes a good-faith effort to resolve customer complaints and respond to inquiries, which makes a business more trustworthy in the eyes of a consumer. With accreditation (and its fee), you get increased exposure online, access to workshops and webinars, and much more.